We love where we live, we love to eat well, and our mission is to share it with you.

When we started the Vermont Butcher Shop in 2014, our objective was simple; to deliver the best possible product with impeccable personal service and real value to our customers. 



OUR LOCAL FARMER. Growing up, JD spent summer and winter weekends in Vermont, where the best of the best memories are made. When the chance to become a part of his family’s small-scale, sustainable farm arose, he took it! While JD relished the idea of living in a place he’d always loved, he was surprised and delighted to discover a real passion for farm life. Today, he brings his expertise in animal husbandry and farm management to Vermont Butcher Shop daily life. His personal hope is that as he and Nick resurrect the nearly forgotten art of butchery, the working landscape, our family farms, and your family’s dining experience will be all the better for it. JD is soon to be married and lives with his fiance and two dogs on the family farm in Weston, VT. 

OUR LOCAL CHEF. Born and raised in Rutland County, Nick’s passion for all things locally grown and produced has inspired a life-long culinary adventure. His studies at Stafford Technical Center (where he continues to guest instruct) led him to the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park. After graduating from CIA, he logged time at Nantucket’s prestigious 21 Federal before returning to his roots and Vermont. As Executive Chef at Manchester’s boutique Reluctant Panther Inn and Restaurant, Nick found himself reacquainted with Vermont’s best growers and producers and as they say, all roads lead to Rome. Today at Vermont Butcher Shop, he’s thrilled to bring you the best meats that New England can offer. And, all the best recipes, too! Nick lives with his wife and three dogs in Wallingford, VT.

As Vermont’s only sustainable whole animal butcher, we thoroughly vet each of our partners to ensure they share our commitment to the working landscape, to animal health, and quality. We know that treating the animals, the environment, and our customers with respect creates a better product and a better experience. And so, we take our mission seriously, with pride.

We’re also passionate about our craft. Culinary butchery is as much an art as it is a critical part of the farm to table movement. Every member of our staff is trained in house – by us – so that you get the most out of your purchase. Every cut of meat you select comes with a completely transparent story.

Next time you find yourself staring at the shelves of styrofoam in your grocery store, know that there is a better option. We’re here to ensure that you know where your food comes from and guarantee that you’ll be able to see and taste the difference.